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User Survey on Accessibility Information for Tourism Venues

26/09/2009 | 0 comments

Uinversity of Surrey log0As part of a University of Surrey research study on accessible tourism, ENAT members and readers are asked to take part in an on-line survey.

The research is being conducted as part of the ‘User Requirements and Technology Acceptance of an Information Tourism System: The Disability Case’ project, funded by the University of Surrey.

The overall aim of the project is to investigate the content and usability needs of people with disabilities when searching information about the accessibility of tourist destinations on-line.

The study has been reviewed and was given a favourable ethical opinion by the University of Surrey Ethics Committee.

Purpose of the research

Photo of Disney brochureThis is a survey to understand disabled people's usage and opinions about a website.

The study asks Internet users to visit the Disneyland website at and explore it, as if they were  planning to visit the destination.

Feedback from disabled Internet users is important to assist the researchers in understanding what kind of information people with disabilities are looking for on a destination website, and how it should be presented.

An on-line questionnaire is used to gather opinions about the information on the website. The entire survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

To take part in the survey, please follow this link:

Further information may be obtained from:

Elina Michopoulou
PhD Candidate
University of Surrey
School of Management,
GU27XH United Kingdom
E-mail: Eleni[dot]Michopoulou[at]surrey[dot]ac[dot]uk

Dr. Graham Miller
Senior Lecturer in Management
University of Surrey
School of Management,
GU27XH United Kingdom
E-mail: G[dot]Miller[at]surrey[dot]ac[dot]uk

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General Information

Submitted by: Ivor Ambrose
Author(s): Elina Michopoulou
Language(s): EN


Publisher: University of Surrey
Date published on the web: 14/09/2009


Accessibility information, access guides | Attractions | Customer relations | Information and Communication Technologies | Management of tourist venues and attractions