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VisitEngland Introduces "One-Step-Ahead" Access Label for Accommodation Sector

01/06/2009 | 0 comments

Logo of the One Step Ahead schemeVisitEngland has recently refreshed the entry-level mobility standard of the United Kingdom's National Accessible Scheme, which enables  accommodation providers to give a declaration of the accessibility of their business. The new standard, called ‘One Step Ahead’, is not so exacting as the requirements, for example, for full wheelchair accessibility.

Holiday accommodation businesses in the UK are feeling the pinch, as elsewhere, due to the recession. VisitEngland is therefore encouraging owners to attract older visitors in particular, by making small and inexpensive improvements to their property and furnishings, making their offer more comfortable - and safer - for people who need good access. 

One Step Ahead is an "assessed" scheme, which includes a visit from a trained consultant and specific advice about how to make the property more accessible. The scheme is financed by fees, paid by the accommodation owners.

Notably, members of the scheme have the right to display the One Step Ahead logo and their business will also be searchable on, and as accessible accommodation.

Following the classification system used in the UK National Accessible Scheme, the One Step Ahead standard addresses only "mobility" issues. It does not aim to  include assessment or property improvements related to visitors with hearing or sight impairments, nor people with asthma or allergies, although older people have a higher incidence of these ailments.

Further information

To read more about the scheme and download the One Step Ahead brochure, visit the One Step Ahead website.

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Submitted by: Ivor Ambrose
Author(s): Ivor Ambrose
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Publisher: VisitEngland
Date published on the web: 27/04/2009


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