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GuideGecko: A New Way to Publish Your Own Accessible Travel Guide

09/04/2009 | 0 comments

GuideGecko, a new website for travel, lifestyle and entertainment guides, provides the perfect online platform for self-published accessible travel guides by independent authors. Authors can publish their guides immediately on

People with disabilities and disability organisations who create access guides to their cities, regions and countries, are often unable to publish the guides due to lack of resources.

GuideGecko solves that problem by allowing free publishing of travel guides in PDF format, online publicity, and a print & shipping service for customers who purchase the guide. Authors set their own price and earn 50-75% on every sale. Guides can be updated at any time, ensuring the customer always has the latest version.

A whole range of other travel guides by both independent and well-known publishers are on offer on the site, increasing the chances that your guide will be spotted and bought.

This is a huge opportunity for people with disabilities who wish to publish access guides to their cities and regions. The more accessible travel guides are put online at GuideGecko, the better the resource will become for travelers with disabilities – and the more people with disabilities could find information to help them travel.

See the Publish a Guide page for information on how to publish quickly, easily and for free.

GuideGecko even helps budding authors to structure their Guide by providing document templates - what could be easier? 



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General Information

Submitted by: Ivor Ambrose
Author(s): Monica Guy
Language(s): EN


Date published on the web: 09/04/2009


Accessibility information, access guides | Publishing