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Scott “Rolling” Rains becomes Honorary Associate Member of ENAT

15/07/2008 | 0 comments

Photo of Scott RainsFollowing the invitation of the ENAT international Board, travel writer and educator, Dr. Scott Rains has been made a 'Lifetime Honorary Associate Member’ of the European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT).

Dr. Rains writes daily on travel and issues in the tourism industry concerning people with disabilities. His work appears online at and .

The “Rolling” epithet refers to the fact that Scott Rains is a wheelchair user and, it would seem, always on the move!

Dr. Rains is known as a prolific networker and advocate of inclusive, accessible tourism. He has working relations at all levels around the world - with global organisations, tourism and travel entrepreneurs, city planners, NGOs, academia and the media.

ENAT’s Managing Director, Ivor Ambrose commented: “We are very pleased to welcome Scott Rains on board the ENAT network. I am sure he will quickly become a great friend and advisor to his fellow members, both in Europe and internationally. By Scott’s example - and through his assistance - we aim to forge new links between continents and cultures in the pursuit of accessible tourism”.

Dr. Rains’ articles on “inclusive tourism” have appeared in publications including New Mobility, Emerging Horizons, Contours, Accessible Portugal, Audacity, Travel and Transitions, eTur Brazil, Turismo Polibea, [with]TV, and Disaboom, among others.

During 2004-05 he was appointed Resident Scholar at the Center for Cultural Studies of the University of California Santa Cruz (2004-05), where he studied Universal Design and the travel and hospitality industry.

Download the Press Release in PDF format from the right-hand column.


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