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Travelling by Coach Is Less Stressful

21/02/2008 | 0 comments

Photo of a long-distance coachIt is a well known fact that most people travelling for holidays or on business do not enjoy the travelling part of the trips they make. If people were able to snap their fingers in order to be automatically transferred to their destination then most would.

However, we are stuck with relying on various modes of transport to get us from A to B. Recent research from the UK has shed light on which of these particular modes are the least stressful and allow passengers to arrive at their destinations having experienced the least amount of worry.

With the aid of digital blood monitors, four women embarked on the research using plane, Eurostar trains, cars and coaches to get from the UK to Disneyland in Paris. They measured their blood pressure rates at various times of the journey and came to the conclusion that using the coach is in fact the least stressful experience.

Researchers believe that coach passengers are more relaxed than users of other modes of transport. This may surprise those who were expecting quicker air travel to provide more comfort. In fact, air travel turned out to be the second most stressful way of travelling. This coincides with other UK surveys which have indicated that 77% of passengers feel stressed, rushed or worried at airports, especially those with children and pensioners. It was revealed that many, particularly from central England, have obsessive tendencies such as checking travel documents at least four times before take off. 57% of passengers admitted being worried about missing a flight or being late. Using privately owned vehicles rolled up in third place of the stressful league yet the gold medal for stressless travelling goes to the coach. It is rather logical as waiting times are rare, passengers tend to sleep and changing is also rare. Thus, for relaxing and carefree journeys, the coach seems to be the way forward.

The research was conducted by the Trade Travel Gazette and an independent tour operator in the UK.

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Submitted by: Ivor Ambrose
Author(s): Tourism Review
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Publisher: Tourism Review
Date published on the web: 19/02/2008


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