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Milan: New Working Group to Improve Accessibility of Public Transport System

30/01/2008 | 0 comments

A new working group has been set up in Milan to provide guidelines on how to make an accessible transportation system usable and attractive for a larger number of customers.

The working group 'Guidelines for accessibility and design for all of the urban transportation system' is coordinated by ENAT member Isabella Steffan of the “Collegio Ingegneri e Architetti di Milano” along with Camilla De Micheli, director of Milan's Agenzia Mobilità Ambiente.

The group is working in close conjunction with the Councillor responsible for Mobility, Transportation, Environment for the Municipality of Milan.

Rather than focusing simply on people with disabilities, the approach to Accessibility and Design for All aims at enabling ALL people to have equal opportunities to participate in every aspect of society, using public transportation.

The accessibility of the transportation system will be not considered for a category of people and in a restricted way, but as a part of sustainability. Sustainability includes environmental sustainability, economic sustainability and social sustainability: accessibility for all included. An accessible public transportation system will function better and be more attractive for all users: from bus and train stations, routes, services and facilities to information and management systems as well.

For more information on the working group, please contact Isabella Steffan at info[@]

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