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UK's 'Accessible Travel and Leisure' Announces Franchising Opportunities

01/11/2007 | 0 comments

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For 10 years, UK-based company "Accessible Travel and Leisure" has worked to put safe, enjoyable holiday experiences within reach of customers with disabilities. Building on this experience, Managing Director Andy Wright is now offering business franchises, providing opportunities for people with disabilities to run their own business from home, selling accessible holidays.  

Speaking to ENAT, Andy Wright, who himself uses a wheelchair, said: "The origins of Accessible Travel and Leisure go back to 1997, when three wheelchair users got together with the vision to create quality holidays specially designed for those with mobility difficulties, whether caused by medical conditions such as stroke, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc., or as a result of unfortunate accidents".

"Compared with most travel agents, we go much further and deal with essential detail regarding the special arrangements needed to facilitate smooth progress and personal comforts throughout the trip".

Under the new franchise scheme, the Accessible Travel Franchisee will visit the less mobile, in either their place of work or at home, become acquainted with their particular needs and preferences, and advise them about the range of suitable holidays available. Having provided information and guidance, the franchisee's objective is to take the booking, making a careful note of all requirements. A fixed percentage of the booking price goes to the franchisee as a "Travel Arrangement Fee". Target income could be more than £35,000 (€50,000) per year in a mature franchise territory.

In the U.K. there are some 10 million registered disabled people and as life expectancy increases, this number is set to rise, given that senior citizens are inevitably more susceptible to health and mobility issues.

The size of the market sector is therefore truly massive, and in order to serve it effectively - with emphasis on a growing local presence - Accessible Travel has developed this exceptionally supportive franchise, offering holidays to the “less mobile”, says Andy Wright.

Read more about the franchise scheme in Projects and Good Practices

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