New name announcement – the World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance - an ENAT Partner

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ENAT congratulates its partner, the World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, on establishing its new name, with its renewed commitment to a whole world approach to sustainable travel and tourism.

The Alliance issued the following Press Release on 10 May 2024.

Reflecting the increasing global scope of the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, today our organisation announces its new name - the World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance (the Alliance).

Announced on stage at the Future Hospitality Summit in Riyadh, the name change underlines our organisation’s commitment to addressing sustainability issues globally, such as advancing global standards.

In our organisation’s 30-year history, it has evolved into a global charity which includes the entire hospitality value chain. Since 2020, when we became an independent charity with 14 members, the Alliance has grown its membership by over 270%. Now, with more than 50 members and over 50 partners, the Alliance represents over 55,000 properties and 7 million rooms globally.

Reasons for this name change

1. Global representation: As our organisation expands its reach, influence, and operations worldwide, our name must reflect this global scope. The term 'World' supports our Vision, Mission, and legal Constitution. The name change underlines our commitment to addressing sustainability issues globally, advancing global standards, an Academy, and Impact Fund and implies the breadth of our membership and the diversity of the regions we serve.

2. Better alignment with global entities: By adopting the 'World' prefix, we can better align ourselves with global organisations the Alliance has formal partnerships with, such as the World Travel and Tourism Council, United Nations World Tourism Organization, Global Sustainable Tourism Council, Global Business Travel Association, International Finance Corporation – World Bank, World Resource Institute, World Benchmarking Alliance, International Organization of Migration, and the International Labour Organization. This alignment enhances our image and credibility and will help us to forge stronger partnerships with these entities.

3. Clearer identity: By adding 'World' to our name, we make it clear that we are an international alliance with a broad reach. This new name will help us avoid confusion with local, regional or national organisations and differentiate us in the market.

4. Emphasising broad scope and stronger influence: With a name that reflects our global nature, it communicates our standing as a leader in the field and that our organisation can have a more substantial influence on international policy, standards, and business practices
related to sustainable hospitality.

5. Recognition of global growth: Over the last 20 months, our organisation has grown by over 270%, representing the value chain and all five continents. This phenomenal global growth warrants the inclusion of 'World' in our name, reflecting our significant international
presence and influence.

6. Elevated prestige and recognition: The name "World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance" carries an elevated level of prestige and recognition, communicating our standing as a global leader in sustainable hospitality.

Further information

In May 2023, ENAT signed an MoU with the Alliance to join forces in addressing accessibility issues in the hospitality sector's recruitment, training and customer service practices across the value chain. 

Read about the Memorandum of Understanding.    

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