Call for Certification Bodies to Collaborate with INCLAVI Inclusive Aviation Training Project

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The INCLAVI consortium is seeking a European Certification Body to prepare and eventually deliver certification of the Inclusive Aviation training course.

INCLAVI – Inclusive Aviation is an EU-funded project under the ERASMUS+ Programme addressing education and training for professionals and students in the aviation and airport sectors, with a focus on services for passengers with disabilities and others with specific access requirements when travelling (PRMs – Passengers with Reduced Mobility, as defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization -  ICAO).

The INCLAVI consortium consists of 8 partners: Haaga-Helia University (Coordinator), Breda University, Careeria, ENAT, IATA, Istanbul Airport, Özyeğin University and Yasar University, and 3 associated partners: airBaltic, Finavia and The Association of Finnish Travel Industry (SMAL).

INCLAVI is currently designing and co-creating a new, online training curriculum with experts from Higher Education Institutions (HEI), Vocational and Educational Training (VET), industry actors and persons with disabilities (PwDs) to support upskilling of employees in airlines and airports who support passengers with specific access requirements on their journeys. The training targets students and professionals in areas of work related to travel agencies, airports and airlines.


The INCLAVI consortium is seeking a European Certification Body to prepare and eventually deliver certification of the Inclusive Aviation training course.

We are addressing this “Call for Collaboration” Certification and Accreditation bodies that may be interested to work with us, considering their competences in the field of professional and/or HEI/VET education and training.

We anticipate working with one or more Certification bodies during the period, June 2024 to August 2025, to develop and establish a recognised Certification of the INCLAVI Course to European/International standards.
We invite you to read about the INCLAVI project at our website:

Parameters for Certification of the INCLAVI Education and Training Course

We propose a number of parameters concerning certification of the INCLAVI course which we anticipate the selected certification body should address.

Our aim is to examine – together with the selected certification organisation – the possibilities for ensuring international recognition of the INCLAVI course within professional and student education and training, based on an independent, state-of-the-art certification framework and process.

Proposed Parameters for Certification

1. Requirements for assessing the course content and delivery:

  • Assessment and verification of learning objectives appropriate to the subject
  • Assessment of how the learning objectives are covered
  • Structure of the education/training course
  • Evaluation of the training materials – relevance and currency (up-to-date) 
  • Methods of delivery of the training (via a Mobile App and online Learning Management System)
  • Methods of course assessment
  • Course contents should be accessible according to EU standards.  

2. Knowledge, skills and competencies: (Advisory only at this stage)
Knowledge and competency in areas such as:

  • Ticketing, including PRM assistance requests,
  • Customer service,
  • Disability awareness,
  • Diversity of passengers
  • Universal Design 
  • Passenger assistance,
  • Baggage handling,
  • Airport services,
  • Flight operations,
  • Safety and security procedures,
  • Border control procedures,
  • Emergency evacuation procedures,
  • others (to be decided).

3.    General requirements for certification
•    Certification against the International Standard ISO 17024:2012. Bodies operating certification of persons.

The certification body is invited to submit a suitable Business Proposal (outline), with associated Terms and Conditions to INCLAVI, according to its normal practices, considering the above parameters.

The certification body is further invited to provide a Cost Estimate for the above services, for the following two results:

  1. Development of the certification process in collaboration with INCLAVI during 2024-2025
  2. Certification of the INCLAVI Course in 2025


Contact Details and Reply Form 

We welcome your response to this Call for Collaboration.

Certification bodies may contact the INCLAVI project for further information about this Call.


Ivor Ambrose, ENAT (Greece). Tel. +30 944433646

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Reply by 20th May 2024 for earliest opportunity.

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