Can You Capture "Accessible Tourism" in a Single Photo?

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ENAT is planning to publish a 2008 Calendar with photos supplied by ENAT members. We would like to receive your best digital or printed photos, illustrating the theme: "This is Accessible Tourism!"

ENAT is planning to publish a 2008 Wall or Desk Calendar with photos supplied by ENAT members.  We would like to receive your best digital (high resolution, 300 dpi) or printed photos (minimum 10 x 15 cm.), illustrating the theme:
This is Accessible Tourism!

We will need 12 excellent shots - one for each month of the year. You might have a photo which suits a particular season: Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, or something more "generic".

So find and send us one or more photos that fit the slogan: "This is Accessible Tourism!"  Please add the following information for each one:

  • Photographer's name: (Required) - but you may be "Anonymous" in the printed calendar, if you wish.
  • Your company or organisation Name, Logo and www: (Optional)
  • Where taken: (Optional)
  • Title and/or short description: (Optional)
  • I give my permission to ENAT to publish this photograph for publicity purposes.  YES /   NO  (Required).

Photos which are not selected for the 2008 calendar may be retained for possible later use in other ENAT publicity formats, unless such permission is specifically denied.

PRIZES: We cannot offer prizes for the selected winners but we can offer at least one month of "fame" as a contributor to the ENAT 2008 Accessible Tourism Calendar!   We hope that this will be reward enough.

Send your photos by Email to: 
enat [at] accessibletourism [dot] org  

or to the ENAT postal address shown on the Contact page

Deadline:  Photos must reach the ENAT office no later than 30 November 2007.

Entries will be selected by a panel of ENAT Sponsor Members, including representatives of disability NGOs,  policymakers,  researchers, tourism professionals and at least one 'mother-to-be'.

Who gets a Calendar? - One copy of the ENAT Calendar will be sent free of charge to each Member and Associate Member of ENAT. So please make sure that your postal address is correct by logging-in to this website and checking your ENAT Member "My Profile" page.

Additional copies of the ENAT 2008 Calendar will be circulated to travel and tourism enterprises, NGOs, educational institutions, decision-makers and others who we would like to inform about ENAT and accessible tourism.

A copy of this notice can be downloaded in PDF format from the right-hand panel.