ATEC launches Accessible and Inclusive Host training programme in Australia

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The Accessible and Inclusive Host programme is for tourism operators large or small, with or without experience in the accessible and inclusive market.

The training course is offered by ATEC - the Australian Tourism Export Council.

Starts 6th December 2022. There is a fee of AUS $200 for the training course

The  Accessible and Inclusive Host course is a diversity focused business development programme with practical learning resources to help business managers upskill and prepare the business to successfully welcome guests from all life stages, backgrounds and abilities.

Accessible Host is delivered via live webinars, also available on-demand (recording).


image of Martin HengPhoto: Martin Heng.

The course was prepared in collaboration with Tourism Australia and Martin Heng, a recognised expert in the accessibility field, author and speaker on travel and disability.

Heng remarked, "Inclusive travel is not only equitable but valuable as people with disability tend to spend more and travel in bigger parties.

“In the disability communities, the value of word-of-mouth recommendations is huge – and potentially hugely valuable to a tourism operator,” he said.

“People with disability have the same travel aspirations as every other tourist. They want access and to be able to do what everyone else wants to do; they just have specific requirements that need to be met."

Further information

Visit the ATEC website to read and register: Programme Overview

ENAT Member logo  Martin Heng is an Honorary Member of ENAT