Accessible Journeys. New Consumer Travel Magazine Showcasing Accessible Travel Possibilities And Best Practices

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Accessible travel possibilities and best practices. Magazine from Mélange Publishing, Canada and ENAT Associate Member, Travelability, USA.

Accessibel Journeys Cover with wheelchair user on open road between fields of grape vines For the past two years TravelAbility has been making travel easier for people with disabilities by working with destinations to identify features and products that can be added to their websites as  a way to  build a supply of experiences.

This month, in collaboration with Mélange Publishing, TravelAbility launched Accessible Journeys, a quarterly consumer travel magazine designed to build demand for the supply that has already been developed.

The magazine is available free of charge to read or download at Accessible Journeys. 

Editor-in-Chief: Nancy Baye, Editor: Ashley Olson, Editorial Director: Debbie Austin, Creative Director: Jake Steinman.

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