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Becoming Something New - Accessible Romania by Sano Touring

13/12/2021 | 0 comments

Accessible Romania by Sano Touring logoBecoming something new, and yet again, what we always meant to be. With great pride and excitement, we would like to make the big announcement regarding our brand transformations: as of the 3rd of December, we became Accessible Romania by Sano Touring.

Our name thus reflects our activity in supporting persons with disabilities, seniors and slow walkers in exploring and discovering our beautiful country, Romania.

The date was not randomly chosen because we wanted to make a statement, and bring awareness about the fact that more needs to be done in accessible tourism.

More tourist attractions should be made accessible and more Horeca managers should be aware and deeply committed to adapt their facilities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring joy into the lives of as many people as possible, by creating a safe and trustworthy environment. Our tourists rely on our expertise, as all our products and services are tailor made for their specific needs.

We are driven by the desire to put Romania on the map of barrier-free tourism.

We created the agency back in 2015 in order to make adventure and discovery accessible to everyone. We had patience, perseverance and confidence that we are on the right track, and confirmation came from both partners and tourists.

With each tourist we welcome at Otopeni Airport in Bucharest or elsewhere in the country, we learn something new about accessible tourism – a special, challenging and rewarding field.

Branding is a process, and we are keen to keep our hearts and eyes open on the needs of our clients. Our partners have witnessed our process and stood by our side, providing constant support and constructive feedback.

We are forever grateful to all we hosted during all our years of activity.

Smooth path in Romania village, with a person using a wheelchair user and 3 persons walking Photo: Accessible Romania.

Accessible Romania by Sano Touring is about our core values and what we want to bring into the world.

Trust, transparency, humanity, empathy and respect are some of the values that stand strong in our agency and make people connect more easily and deeply with us. During this rebranding process we aimed to elevate ourselves above the features of our activity and to help our clients and partners identify and connect our differentiators. We would like to inspire more people in making journeys that will bring novelty in their lives.

Romania has kept a traditional side which is, in a way, unique in Europe and more people should be acquainted with our traditions and way of life.

The handful of people that represent our agency are here to tell a different story about Romania and the wonderful people that live here.

What we have established with Accessible Romania by Sano Touring is unique, not for reasons of inclusive business, but mainly due to our motivations and drive. Therefore, we are taking this opportunity to thank each and every team member that made this project possible and brought our dream to life, to our customers and business partners with whom we built long-term relationships, and to various global actors in accessible travel who are a constant inspiration for us We bring Accessible Romania to the world!

Our former website will be automatically redirected to, the main website.

The new email address is where we kindly invite you to let us know if you need further information or have any requests.
Your feedback on our new website and brand are most welcome!

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