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Lebanon in Crisis - ENAT Message of Support

05/08/2020 | 0 comments

Logo of Lebanon Union for People with Disabilitoes 5 August 2020. ENAT has had the pleasure of partnering with the Lebanese Union for People with Physical Disabilities to support the development of accessible tourism in Lebanon through the development of accessibility guidelines, on-site assessments at tourist sites and policy work.

The warmth, enthusiasm, skill and sheer determination of our colleagues - Sylvana, Rona, Haneen, Bachar and all the LUPD team - impressed us so much, creating strong bonds of friendship between us, as well as firm collegial trust.

At this very painful and anxious moment, with multiple crises overwhelming the country, we send our best wishes to all at LUPD and to the Lebanese people.

We hope for the revival of the country’s economy, with peace and safety for the whole Lebanese society. From our particular vantage point, we wish for the revival of tourism - with accessibility for all - and we look forward to promoting Lebanon as a welcoming, accessible destination, with its unique natural and cultural treasures.  

Further information

LUPD is a grassroots organisation built by and for people with disabilities. We believe that we have an important role to play in arriving at our vision of society by working with people with disabilities, a population that has been traditionally marginalised. As such, our specific mission is the following:
• To defend the rights of people with disabilities; more specifically to work towards their access to equal opportunities and a quality life and to ensure that their basic needs (health, education, employment, socio-economic integration, freedom of choice) are fully respected and guaranteed;
• To eradicate marginalisation and gender discrimination from the lives of people with physical disabilities;
• To mobilise people with physical disabilities to speak on their own behalf;
• To promote the spread of a culture of inclusion and right of participation

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Submitted by: Ivor Ambrose
Author(s): ENAT
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Publisher: ENAT asbl.
Date published on the web: 05/08/2020


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