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Eyemmersive™ - A Digital Market Place for Immersive Tourism. Please answer the survey.

14/09/2019 | 0 comments

Logo Kerckhoffs LtdKerckhoffs Ltd., Sunderland, UK. 14 September 2019.

How might Virtual Reality (VR) contribute to tourism and travel?

As a part of Eyemmersive™ development, IT company Kerckhoffs (UK) is conducting market research on the potential of VR in the tourism sector.

The survey aims to gather feedback and ideas to contribute to the design of virtual experiences that are in tune with their various needs and interests, whether they are looking for a new destination to explore or an activity they have never tried before.

VR holds many possibilities for tourism professionals and visitors. This survey will help us to understand how VR can give people a better experience of travel and tourism, and assess people's perception on experiencing immersive technologies (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Extended Reality) in tourism.

Please answer the survey.

You are invited to take the short survey at the following link:

Survey closes on 30th September.

Thank you for your time. 

Watch the short video about Eyemmersive™by Kerckhoffs Ltd.

Visit: Kerckhoffs Ltd.

ENAT Member logoKerckhoffs Ltd is an Associate Member of the European Network for Accessible Tourism.


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