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Dr. Scott Rains Has Passed Away

03/05/2016 | 2 comments

Scott Rains photoScott Rains.

It is with great sadness that we wish to inform colleagues from around the world that Dr. Scott Rains, San Jose, USA, passed away on Saturday 30th April. Scott had been struggling with a brain tumor since December 2014.

He will be greatly missed, not only by his wife Patricia and family, but also by his "extended family" of accesssible tourism advocates and activists, to whom he gave so freely of his knowledge and wisdom.

Scott was a man of many parts: Educator and Scholar, Theologian and Mentor, Writer, Traveller and Advocate for those who yearned for a fairer and more inclusive world. His depth of understanding in the subjects of accessibility, inclusion, travel and tourism was complemented by a clarity of expression which he put into words and print, ranging from short, illuminating comments to well-researched articles and detailed policy and planning guidelines.

Scott was a truly prolific networker whose work and ideas reached tens of thousands through his "Rolling Rains" Web site and his social media presence. His mission was to share and to educate, being a facilitator of ideas and source of contacts, enabling people to design and carry out projects in many parts of the globe. He was truly a "change-maker" with the abilities to recognise and sieze opportunities and to find solutions where others only saw problems. Best of all, he had a great sense of humour and plenty of smiles!

As an Honorary Member of ENAT, Scott's advice and influence has been pivotal in assisting our decisions and finding our direction on many occasions. For this we are exceptionally grateful.  His example of enthusiasm, his spirit of collaboration and his belief in inclusion and fairness will continue to guide us in our endevours to enable more people to enjoy and benefit from tourism and travel. Let us all carry on along the path that Scott helped to forge.



2 comment(s) posted

Posted by Ghijsels Pieter on 2016/05/03 - 14:17:15

This is sad news. Scott Rains will be dearly missed. My condolences to his family and friends.

Posted by Roffe Laurent on 2016/05/05 - 01:36:25

Scott was a friend and a mentor. A true citizen of the world, his generosity and kind spirit were a source of inspiration to us and to so many people around the globe. The void he left behind can only be filled by continuing his vision of a better world and equality for all.

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