Scandic Continues To Focus On Accessibility With New Breakfast Offering

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Scandic Hotels offers 28 different products for people with gluten and lactose allergies.

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In connection with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3, Scandic is announcing a new addition to its breakfast buffet that will be introduced at all Scandic hotels in Sweden at the beginning of 2016. The existing buffet will include a new section aimed at vegans and people with allergies, but will be open to everyone. 

For many years, Scandic has been working consciously to create an environment that is accessible to as many people as possible. The focus has previously been largely on the physical environment and training for staff, but has now been broadened to include Scandic’s breakfast buffet.

“Our new offering is based on feedback from our guests. In line with today’s trends, their needs and expectations are also changing. Many people avoid lactose and gluten even though they do not have allergies. Whatever the reason, we want our guests to enjoy a good breakfast, which is why we, together with some of our selected suppliers, have developed this addition to our breakfast buffet in Sweden,” says Thomas Fankl, F&B Director Scandic Sweden.  

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Offering breakfast options that are suitable for people with allergies is part of Scandic’s accessibility offering where every guest should be able to enjoy their stay to the fullest and feel that their needs have been taken into account.

“Tailoring our offering to our guests’ needs is an important part of our accessibility work – to show that accessibility isn’t just about physical impairments, but that it can also involve different types of food intolerance,” says Magnus Berglund, Director of Accessibility at Scandic Hotels.

The new breakfast concept has been tested at three hotels and it will be rolled out at all Scandic hotels in Sweden in the new year. It offers a variety of options such as gluten- and lactose-free products, milk-free products and alternatives to dairy products such as rice- oat- and soy-based items. Gluten-free bread, muesli and toppings will also be available. In total, the new offering includes 28 different products and new equipment such as a separate fridge for dairy products and a separate toaster.

New products to be offered on Scandic’s breakfast buffet:

  • Arla’s selection of lactose-free products including milk, buttermilk, yogurt and butter
  • Carlshamn’s milk-free margarine
  • Oatly’s oat-based beverages, oat yogurt and sandwich spread
  • Planti’s rice-, oat- and soya-based beverages and soygurt
  • Risenta’s gluten-free cornflakes, muesli and seeds
  • Dr. Schär’s gluten-free dark and light bread, hard rye bread, biscuits, crackers and cookies
  • Vegan sandwich spread, vegan cheese substitute and hummus

For more information, please contact:
Anna-Klara Lindholm, PR Manager, Scandic Hotels, +46 709 73 52 31
Magnus Berglund, Director of Accessibility, Scandic Hotels, +46 709 73 50 77
Thomas Fankl, F&B Director, Scandic Hotels, +46 709 73 51 10

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