Destination Europe promoted on YouTube... but No Accessibility!

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The European Destinations of Excellence project has posted a promotional video on the video-sharing site, YouTube. But accessibility does not feature in it!

The "European Destinations of Excellence" project, an initiative supported by The European Commission, has posted "Destination Europe!", a promotional video on the video-sharing site, YouTube. You can watch it by going to the following link:

But accessible tourism does not feature in the film!  At ENAT we think that's a shame. A lost opportunity!

Surely, ENAT members can find a whole lot of good video-clips that show how accessible the European Tourism Experience can be. 

We would like you to upload your best accessible tourism video clips to a video-sharing Website like or 

Then, if you are an ENAT Member, share your video by adding the link to the ENAT Links page.

We look forward to seeing many videos of Accessible Destination Europe!