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New EC Publication: The European Tourism Industry in the Enlarged Community (2007)

23/07/2007 | 1 comments

This report from the European Commission’s DG for Enterprise and Industry, updates the first analysis of the European tourism sector in 2004, and extends it to the tourism industry of the enlarged Community of 27 Member States.

It provides a solid statistical overview and analysis of tourism demand, the competitiveness of the industry, employment trends and innovation. 

The report reveals that Europe is a very stable tourist destination compared to other large regions in the world. The enlargement of the European Union contributed to this by inducing international arrivals not only in the new Member States, but also between old and new Member States. The still existing gaps in income and the differences in travel habits open a tremendous number of business opportunities and offer incentives to improve competitiveness.

The full report is in English, while Executive Summaries are available from the EC website in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Polish.

1 comment(s) posted

Posted by Ambrose Ivor on 2007/07/23 - 18:32:14

The report gives some attention to the impact of the 65+ age group on tourism and anticipates increasing demand for quality and accessibility, due to demographic ageing (p. 24). Reference is also made to the OSSATE study, which estimated the 'accessibility-demanding market' to be some 260 mio people in Europe, corresponding to expected revenues of EUR 166bn.

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