"Pantou Access Statement" Form Now Available for Accessible Tourism Suppliers

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Tourism suppliers who have made the effort to cater for visitors with access needs may not always have tools at hand to publicise their accessible services. Now Pantou provides a free document template and guidance notes to help suppliers make a reliable, factual description of their accessible services and facilities.

Image of Pantou Homepage 1st May 2014Tourism suppliers who have made the effort to cater for visitors with access needs may not always have the tools at hand to describe and publicise their accessible services effectively.

Now Pantou - the European Accessible Tourism Directory - provides a free document template and guidance notes to help suppliers make their own Pantou Access Statement - a factual description of their accessible services and facilities.

Access Statements are promoted as an information tool for accessible tourism suppliers by several ENAT members and partners, including VisitEngland and VisitScotland.

Objective description of tourism services

The idea is simple. A supplier creates a document which gives an objective description of the service(s) on offer and the accessibility characteristics of the venue and its facilities (for those services which are at fixed location). The Access Statement is mainly text-based but may also include photos, plans or diagrams to explain certain access details if the supplier wishes. The document is then made available - usually as a downloadable PDF - via a website or as an email attachment, so that visitors with specific access requirements can find out whether or not the service, (place or event) will be accessible for them.

Everyone's access needs vary so an Access Statement should normally cover the main accessibility points that are relevant for people with mobility, visual, hearing and intellectual impairments.

The Pantou Access Statement also includes additional information about provisions for people who may require a special diet, an allergy-friendly environment or access for their assistance animal. Suppliers are also prompted to include information about special equipment that may be available, free of charge or for hire, and possibilities for other services such as personal assistance or child care.

Pantou's registered suppliers must prepare a Pantou Access Statement if they are not a member of any recognised Accessibility Information Scheme.

When completed, the Pantou Access Statement will be saved as a PDF document and sent to Pantou for uploading to the supplier's profile page.

ENAT small logoThe Pantou Access Statement template and "Help Text" have been specially devised by ENAT experts, based on the OSSATE and EuropeforAll.com "self-assessment" questionnaires and other access information tools that have been used in different parts of Europe and other world regions. Access statements have usually focussed on accessibility of the physical environment but the Pantou template also includes issues such as provision of information in accessible and alternative formats such as large print, Braille, audio and video with subtitles.

It should be emphasised that the access statements developed by suppliers using the Pantou template and guidance notes cannot reach the same quality standards as information provided by professional access auditors. However, in the absence of professionally audited information, the Pantou Access Statement can provide much needed access details to those tourists who need to prepare their visit carefully in advance.

Pantou provides limited support to Pantou-registered suppliers to help them complete their access statements. Suppliers who may require a professionally produced Access Statement or professional Access Audit can be directed to ENAT consultants who work in the respective region or country and in different languages.       

The Pantou Access Statement is being progressively adopted by Pantou-listed suppliers, as more and more accessible services are registered with Pantou. 

Further information

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