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"Tourism for All" is Greek Tourism Campaign Slogan 2007

18/07/2007 | 2 comments

This summer, the Greek National Tourist Organisation has chosen "Tourism for All" as the holiday campaign message aimed at the domestic market.

Posters, decorated buses and a TV-spot are carrying this message to the Greek public. A family building sandcastles, a young couple on the sea-shore and an older couple drinking Greek coffee are the images chosen to promote Greece as the holiday destination for all age groups.

View the TV-spot at the following link (streaming video, 40 seconds):

Below, the poster is reproduced.

Greek 2007 Tourism-for-all poster, showing family, young and older couple on holiday



2 comment(s) posted

Posted by Ambrose Ivor on 2007/07/18 - 14:17:39

A wheelchair user appears in the video. Did you spot him?

Posted by Voulgaropoulos Nikos on 2007/07/23 - 18:16:50

I did. This is a nice video, clearly aiming at covering all age groups. Disabilities are not so clearly highlighted though. The campaign's target group is evidently the elderly, since they are the ones mostly excluded out of all those mostly presented in the video. Yet, with the ageing population of Greece, this is obviously a good marketing idea. Once more efforts on making holiday destinations accessible to people with various forms of disabilities bear fruits, a new campaign aiming at promoting this idea should emerge. I believe some good practises are already there to be shown and induce more to invest time and effort towards that direction.

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Submitted by: Ambrose Ivor
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Date published on the web: 18/07/2007


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