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EU EDEN Accessible Tourism Awards - The Town of Marathon is Itself the Winner!

10/05/2013 | 0 comments

Image from Greek Europe Reporter about Marathon winner The municipality of Marathon was voted as the leading Greek tourist destination, for the period 2012-2013, within the framework of the European contest Accessible Tourism, of the European Destinations of Excellence- EDEN project.

The EDEN project is a European Commission initiative, launched in 2007, aiming to promote sustainable tourism development models throughout Europe through non-traditional and non-developed tourist destinations.

The project is based on national competitions that take place every year and result in the selection of a tourist “destination of excellence” for each participating country.

It is the sixth consecutive year that the Greek Ministry of Tourism participated in this project. Within the previous years, Florina (2007), Grevena (2008), Lesvos (2009), Serres (2010) and Delphi (2011) were awarded as well.

Both the Greek destination, and other countries’ “winner” destinations that took part in EDEN project, will be promoted at a European level and will be awarded in a special event, organized by the European Commission which is to be held in autumn 2013.

Further information

Read more about the EDEN Awards 2012-2013 at our dedicated ENAT-EDEN page. 

A description of the award-winning features of Marathon will be published on this page, as and when the information becomes available. 

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General Information

Submitted by: Ivor Ambrose
Author(s): Nicky Mariam Onti
Language(s): EN


Publisher: Greek Europe Reporter
Date published on the web: 08/05/2013


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