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Stancia 1904 Scoops Croatia's EDEN Accessible Tourism Award

29/04/2013 | 0 comments

Stancia 1904 photo from TTG Balkans website Agrotourism Stancija 1904 has recently been awarded the European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) 2012/2013 accolade, which this year focused on accessible tourism.

The cities of Daruvar and Varaždin, and the spa hubs of Jezerčica and Tuhelj were selected as runners up in this Craotian round of the competition.

A jury that decided on the award consisted of representatives of the Croatian Ministry of Tourism, Croatian National Tourism Board and the Croatian Paraplegic and Tetraplegic Association.

Agrotourism Stancija 1904 is located in a 100-year old estate in Istria, in the Smoljanci town, and it consists of traditional Istrian houses, renovated as a holiday apartment house. The estate is surrounded by a stone wall and features a park with a 200-year old honeyberry, a children's playground and parking.

For persons with disabilities, the complex offers two apartments which are equipped according to high standards, and it offers menus in Braille. Currently, the property is developing all the price lists in Braille, as well as a special remote-controlled entrance.

A swimming pool, showers and a sundeck area are planned to be added to the property's facilities, as well as a light-alarm for those with a hearing impairment and a path for the blind.

Assistant to the Minister of Tourism, Davor Ižaković commented: "Apart from being sustainable, EDEN is also an inclusive project, directed towards tourists with different needs. Social tourism is particularly emphasised in the Strategy of Development of Croatian Tourism by 2020, and is one of our priorities in the upcoming period to secure the quality and diversity of destinations suitable for tourists with different needs."

He additionally confirmed that the Ministry has put aside around €500,000 for various projects for creating conditions for simplified access and movement for persons with special needs.

Director, Croatian National Tourism Board, Meri Matešić also supported the project, adding that it is necessary to work intensely on securing conditions for accessible tourism in the upcoming years.

Further information

Read more about the European Commission's EDEN Awards, which this year focus on the theme of Accessible Tourism.


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Submitted by: Ivor Ambrose
Author(s): TTG Balkans
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Publisher: TTG Balkans
Date published on the web: 26/04/2013


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