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Accessible Travel Spells Excellence At Virgin Atlantic

14/02/2013 | 0 comments

Photo Gerladine Lundy, Virgin Atlantic and young passenger Photo: Geraldine Lundy, Virgin Atlantic and young disabled visitor.

Travelling by air with a disability is becoming increasingly popular, hence the need for airports and airlines to provide high quality accessible travel services.

A recent visit by Reduced Mobility Rights to Virgin Atlantic Airways headquarters located near London Gatwick airport presented the perfect opportunity to interview the airline's Passenger Accessibility Manager.

Operating a fleet of 34 wide body aircraft to 42 international destinations, Virgin Atlantic has been making significant investments aimed at promoting inclusion and accessible travel in air transport.

Geraldine Lundy is Virgin Atlantic's Passenger Accessibility manager.  She was the host of Reduced Mobility Rights recent visit to Virgin Atlantic Airways' cabin crew training facilities. One of Geraldine’s roles is the disability awareness and support process training of cabin crew.

As we tour the premises we fully appreciate her passion, professionalism, and compassionate dedication to promoting inclusion and accessible travel. The definition of "the perfect person for the role" suits Geraldine Lundy.

Read the full interview at


"I was gently challenged when I asked early on in my role the question “How could we (Virgin Atlantic) better manage our disabled customers?” It was put to me that instead of asking “How could we better handle our non-disabled customers” an airline would be asking questions such as “How can we give our passengers a better customer experience”. They suggested that for disabled customers, we should be thinking “How can we better support disabled passengers”. It’s a very small change in words but a huge change in focus and attitude. I’d like to see everyone in the aviation industry - airports, regulatory authorities, airlines, aircraft manufacturers etc., engage with and listen to our customers to learn how we can support them better."

Geraldine Lundy.

Visit the website of Virgin Atlantic Customer Service

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Submitted by: Ivor Ambrose
Author(s): Roberto Castiglioni
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Date published on the web: 13/02/2013


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