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Spanish Tourism Business Innovation Group Puts Focus on Accessibility, Mobility and Sustainability

15/04/2012 | 0 comments

Logo of AEI Business Innovation Group in Tourism, Spain  27 March 2012 was the Networking Day for Spanish "Business Innovation Groups in Tourism" (AEITs), where the focus was on accessibility, mobility and sustainability as axes for transforming the Spanish tourism sector.

Organised by the Spanish Tourism Technology and Innovation platform, SEGITTUR and the Tourism Cluster in Madrid, the conference focused on the presentation of the results of the approved projects that had received grants to support the tourism sector AEIs for 2011.

Convened by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, the aid has helped finance a total of thirteen projects of very different topics: from improvements in management of small and medium tourism enterprises, initiatives focused on sustainability and the environment.

Particularly noteworthy was the application of ICT know-how to hotels, campsites and cottages, and also to the value chain of the tourism sector.

Projects presented at the meeting included:

AEI Access

  • Accessible Tourist Destination Project NFC (Near Field Communication), which aims to launch a pilot project in a resort, being the first to allow disabled tourists a visit in similar conditions as for those without disabilities. The project includes the development and implementation of a mobile solution based on NFC technology. The solution will allow disabled visitors to interact with informational, transactional and experiential supports in and about the destination, through a mobile device.

Connect MTA

  • DIGICARDEX: Recognition and Tracking in Camping for Children with Special Needs. The Project employs DIGICARDEX, a tool that allows the recognition, localization and tracking of children in real time. Specifically, it is designed for use in camping, school farms and theme parks, improving organizational processes.

The meeting ended with the presentation of successful project results: YOUPAD, an iPad Service in Hotels approved in a previous session. The presentation of this case by the Madrid Tourism Cluster, exemplified how commitment to innovation enables access and creating new business opportunities.

More information

For more information about the event and other innovation projects (in Spanish), visit the website of thinktur

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