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Scandic Hotels' Disability Ambassador Takes Swedish CSR Prize

06/03/2012 | 0 comments

Photo of Magnus Berglund and his dog, Ada at Scandic Oslo AirportPhoto. Magnus Berglund and his dog, Ada, at Scandic Oslo Airport

Scandic's Disability Ambassador Magnus Berglund has received an award for being one of Sweden's most important actuators in Corporate Social Responsibility.

In 2003 Scandic appointed Magnus Berglund as Disability Ambassador. Today, all employees of the hotel chain trained in accessibility and how everyone can help and make the stay at Scandic pleasant and relaxing for all guests, with or without disabilities.

The Swedish newspaper ´CSR into practice´ that is behind this award writes:

"Since Magnus was named the hotel chain's Disability Ambassador, he has worked hard to increase hotel adaptation for the disabled guests in order to strengthen competitiveness. Magnus has been a key factor in ensuring that Scandic currently has a very strong brand within the disability area in the Nordic countries. This has led to new business, which of course many other companies are watching to imitate." 

The appointment is based on the criteria:

  • formal impact with the power to decide and change,
  • informal influence, which includes networking, personal charisma and credibility.

”At Scandic Victoria Tower, the new spectacular 34-floor hotel in Kista, Stockholm, Scandic shows that it is perfectly possible to offer rooms for disabled with fantastic views high up in the building, with the help of fire-safe elevators that allow wheelchair users to evacuate the building easily. In cooperation with our hotel guests, disability organizations and team members we have produced the Scandic accessibility standard, a checklist with more than 100 requirements. On top of the necessary technical solutions and practical things, we believe that a dedicated and knowledgeable response often is just as important to make the guests comfortable when staying at our hotels” says Magnus Berglund, Scandic´s Disability Ambassador.

”When we take over a hotel, we implement our accessibility program within three months and, after just one year, we tend to notice more bookings from private guests and from companies and organizations, thanks to our accessibility work. This gives us a clear competitive advantage and, as well as showing our commitment to social responsibility, we see major commercial benefits in being accessible to all. It is with pleasure I see that Magnus insistent and skilled work is acknowledged”, relates Anders Ehrling, President and CEO of Scandic.

Further information

Contact: Magnus Berglund, Disability Ambassador, Scandic, telephone +46 709-73 50 77

Christine Kullgren, Head of Corporate Communications, Scandic, telephone +46 709-73 56 34

Download the press Release in PDF format from the right-hand panel.

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