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ELMA Newsletter no. 5. News from Snowpolis, Finland

12/03/2011 | 0 comments

Vuokatti Nordic skiing image Vuokatti Nordic Skiing photo, ELMA Project.

February marks the end of ELMA’s first year in action and It will also mark the beginning of a new era for ELMA.

The future of ELMA looks bright and it is now hoped that the next steps for ELMA will bring local enterprise closer so that together we may move into developing an Accessible Vuokatti… A VUOKATTI FOR ALL!

With the EU estimating that the Accessible Tourism market in Europe is valued at 80.000.0000.000€ it is foolish not to take the chances to look into making our wonderful region a destination of choice for everybody to enjoy regardless of their physical capabilities.

In my personal opinion (although influenced by proven research) sport is a pleasurable and Healthy activity for all and Vuokatti’s main potential is Sport and Leisure tourism and the fact that a barrier free sport and leisure environment is a rare but very desired location, we now have the tools to become unique and a sought out destination.

The Snowpolis, ELMA Project is committed to serving the region and all those who select Vuokatti and Kainuu as their destination of choice whether it be for holiday, business or any other reason. Moreover, we here at ELMA want to support all individuals and inspired entrepreneurs who look to develop in the Accessibility markets.

Remember, being accessible is not just about ramps and elevators but also about hospitality, friendliness, security, support and lots of fun. With this in mind we will remain fully committed.

Thank you to those of you who make all that possible in our region.

Happy Reading ”for all”
Danny Silva
ELMA Project Manager

Download Newsletter no. 5 from the right-hand panel in PDF format (English and Finnish versions). 

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