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Survey: Tourism, Travel, and Hospitality Experiences of People with Hearing Impairments.

07/03/2011 | 1 comments

Sandra Rhodda photoPhoto: Researcher Sandra Rhodda.

The New Zealand Tourism Research Institute, Auckland University of Technology is conducting a survey for the New Zealand National Foundation for the Deaf concerning the tourism, travel, and hospitality needs of people with hearing impairments.

The online survey aims to gather responses from people all over the world who are either deaf or have hearing loss. Respondents are asked to choose between the survey for New Zealand residents and the survey for persons residing in other countries. 

The survey is being conducted as part of the Access Tourism Research Programme of the New Zealand Tourism Research institute. It is expected that results of the study will be published in early 2012.

Please answer the survey!

Go to the Survey web page

ENAT member logo ENAT Member, Sandra Rhodda, is Director of Access Tourism New Zealand and a Research Programme Leader in Access Tourism at the New Zealand Tourism Research Institute.

 Further information: Access Tourism NZ. 

1 comment(s) posted

Posted by Ambrose Ivor on 2011/03/07 - 11:52:43

Congratulations to Sandra and the New Zealand National Foundation for the Deaf in getting this survey of the ground! This is a much needed study, as there is little systematic research on the tourism experiences of deaf people and those with hearing loss. We look forward to reporting the results via the ENAT web pages.

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