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Accessible Travel NL Launches Website for Visitors to the Netherlands

20/01/2011 | 0 comments

Accessible Travel NL Accessible Travel Netherlands has been developed to raise awareness about the increasing need of information about access for tourists and to provide reliable information for visitors.

This need comes especially from the rising numbers of tourist that might face a disability.

Currently the entire baby boomer generation is already aged above fifty and by the year of 2038, almost one-fourth of the Dutch population will be aged over sixty-five (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek, 2006).  These are 4.3 million out of 16.5 million Dutch people. The numbers of people aged above 50 at this moment are largely the same in the countries our tourists come from.

'Accessible Travel Netherlands' wants to inform tourists from all over the world about traveling accessibly in the Netherlands.

Veroniek Maat, founder and owner of Accesible Travel NL, says:

"We start at the core of the travel process, the motivation. We aim to give potential visitors a reason to travel to the Netherlands individually and we want to motivate them with this website. This website will provide all potential visitors with accessible information about accommodations, transport and tourist attractions in this country, in the first place about the tourism hotspot, Amsterdam".

Find accessible accommodation, events, activities and more....

If you are looking for information regarding the accessibility of accommodations, transport or tours, the website offers a number of selected options that have been checked by experts. If you can not find the information you are looking for, Accessible Travel NL is happy to find that information for you!

Accessible Travel Netherlands wants to expand its database of accessibility information with the questions customers ask about access in the Netherlands.

Questions sent to the website will be used provide more information about access and will be published on the website.

As such, the website will keep on expanding its database of accessibility information and will fit the needs of the website visitors.

Also, Accessible Travel Netherlands is happy to put visitors' stories about their experiences in the "Travel Blog" section. People who read these stories can also leave a message. 

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