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Portuguese Accessibility Guide (

19/01/2011 | 0 comments

Acessivel Portugal site logo Travelling is a pleasant activity for the majority of population!

For people with physical disabilities one of the aspects that can turn a travelling experience into a more or less pleasant activity is the accessibility of the places, whether they are beaches or cultural destinations all over the world.

In fact, while planning a trip these people have to consider all details regarding accessible transportation, accessible accomodation, accessible places to visit and to take their meals.

There are only a few guides worldwide containing information about physical accessibilities in different types of spaces.

In Portugal, Associação Salvador - a non profit organisation that aims to promote the integration of people with physical disabilities in society - has created the online guide, in order to facilitate the search  for these spaces in Portugal.

It is available in Portuguese and English and soon a German version will be available.

The guide is intended for the community of people with reduced mobility, both residents and tourists, but also for travel agents and tour operators that work with this market segment.

It includes information about more than 3,000 thousand places, separated into different categories: accommodation, restaurants, cultural spaces, beaches, health services and other useful services.

A specialised team visits all the venues in order to guarantee the accuracy of information. During the visits we have the opportunity to talk with the venue owners or managers about the importance of becoming accessible, not only in a social perspective but also considering the positive economic impact on the business.

If you want to have further information about this project please contact Mariana Costa.
Email: marianalc [at] associacaosalvador [dot] com

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