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New Zealand Sets Up New Research Programme in Access Tourism

21/11/2010 | 0 comments

Banner image of New Zealand Tourism Research Institute In a first for New Zealand, The New Zealand Tourism Research Institute at Auckland University of Technology has created a Research Programme Area in Access Tourism headed by Sandra Rhodda.

NZTRI’s Access Tourism programme aims to research and develop Access Tourism in NZ. Access Tourism is tourism, travel, and hospitality for people with permanent or temporary disabilities, seniors, parents with strollers, and any person with a need for improved access. This is an interdisciplinary research area that addresses the challenges and opportunities presented by Access Tourism.

The Access Tourist already represents a sizeable proportion of the tourism market in New Zealand. Between 17 and 20% of the population in our main markets already report a disability, and this percentage is bound to grow because the large Baby Boomer cohort is ageing and disability increases with age. Those aged 45 or older already comprise almost half of our domestic and international visitors (and over 70% of our cruise ship visitors).

Areas of interest include:

  • Research and policy development
  • Understanding the Access Tourism market
  • Awareness promotion and education of government and industry to the potential of Access Tourism
  • Access Tourism product development and marketing in NZ
  • Promotion of cooperation in a developing Access Tourism sector, including in the public and private sector
  • Access Tourist satisfaction and motivation
  • Economic and social benefits of Access Tourism
  • Access Tourism as an important factor in tourism sustainability
  • Relationship of Access tourism to Health, Wellness, and Medical Tourism
  • Opportunities for Access Tourism legacy development around major events such as the Rugby World Cup 2011.


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