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ENAT Membership Special Offer

11/11/2010 | 0 comments

ENAT member logoNew ENAT Members can take advantage of this Special Offer. 

Join ENAT at any time before the end of December 2010 and your membership fee will cover you or your organisation right through to the end of December 2011.

Normally, the ENAT membership fee covers the full calendar year, from 1st January to 31st December. This means that members joining after January would get fewer months of membership for the same 12-month fee. That's not a good deal for our new members.

So, if you are planning to join ENAT, you can register now and start networking and enjoying the benefits of ENAT membership from the first day your payment is processed, and right through the whole of 2011.

The annual membership fee for Associate Members is between € 25 and € 150 - depending on your professional status. Students and pensioners pay the lowest fee while Organisations pay € 150. Associate Members outside Europe generally pay half the price of European members. According to our Statutes, only European Members can become Full Members of ENAT.  

Remember: all ENAT members anywhere in the world can sign up to the ENAT Code of Good Conduct and promote their activities through the ENAT Members' Directory pages.

Have you signed up to the ENAT Code yet?

For more details about the benefits of membership please visit: ENAT Member Services   

See also this page for information about Membership Categories and Fees

Welcome to ENAT!

Ivor Ambrose, Managing Director


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