Japan Accessible Tourism Center

URL: http://www.japan-accessible.com/

Special information for wheelchair users and elderly, enabling everybody to go where they want! Today, more and more people with disability or elderly people are travelling in Japan. So we have good accessibility around the country, and there are many barrier free / universal design tourism centers to help make your trip easier and more comfortable. But if you are a foreign tourist wishing to visit Japan, you may find some difficulties in finding accessibility related information, since most of them are available only in Japanese. So here, language is one of the barriers. JATC ( Japan Accessible Tourism Center ) is a non-profit organization that provides accessibility information in multiple languages, thereby serving as a gateway for foreign tourists with disability. We can also help you by; making arrangements for care attendants, booking accommodations, offering tips for travelling, providing assistance in case of emergency problems during your trip, etc. We can also plan and coordinate group tours or study tours. All service is free of charge. We sincerely hope that you will find our service useful and enjoy traveling in Japan!