Comfy at Colosseum. Accessible Holiday Rentals in the Heart of Rome


My name is Salvatore and I am 37 years old. I was born and raised in the most magical and renowned city in the world, namely, Rome. I’ve always been surrounded by a touristic and professional ambiance and I’ve grown up hand in hand with the notion that Rome tends primarily to the world of tourism and I have learned to adapt and play a part in this environment. I had decided a short while ago to build on my idea and set up two apartments in the Historical Centre of the City, a hop and a skip away from the Colosseum and in the most striking and elegant part of Rome: "Comfy @ Colosseum" (100% wheelchair accessible) and "The Doorstep to the Colosseum". The second apartment is first and foremost accessible to everyone and up to 5 people fit comfortably in it, while the first apartment is accessible to everyone and in particularly those with physical disabilities and up to seven people fit comfortably in it. They have been renovated to a modern taste and are side by side separated by a wall and have individual entrances but share the same Roman courtyard, with its traditional and antique look and a doorman at the front that guarantees our hosts cleanliness, a valid help and security.