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Virtus Vita is a leader in the field of Medical Tourism, serving an International clientele of chronic patients and consumers; being the only organization in the industry to receive the support of the European Union. Using our new booking engine; booknowmed you can browse our network of more than 400 affiliated clinics & hospitals, covering 380 destinations, to find and book the right medical facility for your needs and budget. From Holiday dialysis to dental, eye surgery, infertility and cosmetic treatments, you can find it all on booknowmed. Our mission is to realize a stress-free, safe and cost-effective booking of treatments so that you can experience customized, high-quality medical services at competitive prices, anywhere in the World. Book your Holiday Dialysis with us With a deep-rooted tradition in renal healthcare paired with professional expertise, Virtus Vita has crafted dynamic affiliations with the World’s best renal care providers and hospitality experts, giving patients the ability to travel abroad, with minimum risk and maximum comfort. Virtus Vita is an official partner of 60 Kidney Patient Associations in 20 countries for Holiday Dialysis, organizing every year group and individual trips for their members. Holiday packages available for group arrangements, including treatment, flights, accommodation, transportations, activities and other. Watch testimonials from 3 National KPA’s , openly supporting booknowmed. Video link: