Wesemann Travel - tours in cooperation with local deaf communities

URL: http://en.meetanotherworld.com/index.php

Welcome at Wesemann Travel! We are a travel organization based in the Netherlands. Since 2010 we organize tours to Tanzania and Zanzibar in East-Africa, and in 2013 and 2014 we will start new destinations like Russia and Mongolia, China, Israel and Palestine, and some European countries. Our tours are organized in direct cooperation with the local deaf community in the country of destination. They welcome our guests, show them around and organize several special activities and excursions. In this way our guests can get acquainted with another culture in a unique and authentic way. You will be able to take a look inside the world of your hosts, a world that is based on both the local culture in their country as well the fascinating characteristics of the deaf world. We invest a part of our revenues in projects that contribute to the development of local deaf communities, especially in third world countries. So with our tours you will experience a fantastic holiday with fascinating cultural encounters, and you support the development of deprived deaf comunities. It is a responsible way of traveling!