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URL: was created to help fliers recognize and understand the differences between airline seats and in-flight amenities. The below guide provides tips to help you secure the best seat on your flight. Seat dimensions, pitch, position and facilities are indicated for airlines, plane types and seating configurations to help you pælan your journey for greatest comfort and convenience. In October 2001, frequent flyer Matthew Daimler launched with a single color-coded interactive airplane seating chart. Having experienced firsthand the vast differences between airline seats, he was determined to collect this useful information and share it with other travelers. Over ten million visitors later, SeatGuru has enjoyed incredible success and has expanded to include more than 700 airplane seatmaps from nearly 100 different airlines. In 2007, SeatGuru was purchased by Sharing the common goal of finding the truth from real travelers, SeatGuru and TripAdvisor work together to bring you the most up-to-date information about travel. [ENAT note: Advice regarding seating for disabled travellers is not available from the website].