The FIA Guide for the disabled traveller. Using Parking Permits, Cards and Placards around the world


Welcome to the FIA Guide for the disabled traveller, an essential tool to inform you on using your disability Parking Permit / Placard / Card in your own country, and abroad. FIA affiliated motoring club and government experts provided much of Guide's information. We also reviewed national and state laws to obtain or to verify information. We have made every effort to ensure accuracy. However, where we have been unable to verify the reliability of information, we have adopted the precautionary principle of saying we do not know. Despite our best efforts, this first edition of the Guide is likely to contain some errors and omissions. If you are a Parking Permit holder or a government expert and you are aware of any, please contact us at That way, the Guide will not be wrong for long. Wherever you travel, be it near or far, we hope the FIA Guide for the disabled traveller will be an invaluable reference.