We Build Wheelchair Friendly Houses, etc.

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Most places that say they are wheelchair friendly are really not. Even hotels are not completely made friendly to people with disabilities. Usually if you are not in a wheelchair you have no idea what is needed to make your life easy. People that are building or designing should work together with someone who knows what to do and how to do the building and application of certain things that make it all work for these people. I don't think people would be happy if they paid a lot of money for a room in a hotel and then couldn't get into the shower to bathe. Or you couldn't see yourself in the mirror because it was up near the ceiling. We are on hand for any ideas and guidance you may need for successfully building or designing a real working wheelchair friendly atmosphere. Just ask us! we want to help. Visit our site of a renovation done in Spetses island which is a very traditional house that works for both people with disabilities and people without. Tel. 6945292687 email pappajion@yahoo.com site. www.dream-it-do-it.com