Holidays in a wheelchair. Beaches, hotels and activities on the spot, without barriers. If this is the year of our Lord 2009: no problem. Think about it. As a journalist in a wheelchair, the author of this website, has had some varied experiences. It is time to show the places and regions in Europe that represent good examples and ideas: go ahead, wheelchair riders and seniors and visit their hotels, restaurants and beaches. All venues are tested by wheelchair users. If you have visited a place you like, request our Venue Questionnaire, fill it in and and send it back. The more active your participation, the faster this site grows, and the more diverse will be the holiday opportunities for you! Idea concept: Dirk Janczewski †. Editors: Dirk Janczewski † , Monika Agata-Linke, Dominica Buchelt, Christian Rother, Werner Merschmann.