We own a hotel (guesthouse/visitor attraction). Can you tell us where to get professional advice about improving the accessibility of our premises?

You will need an advisor who knows the national accessibility legislation and standards for your country, and who is experienced in this kind of work. The advisor will normally start with an access audit to identify the weakspots and then propose some solutions, based on your budget and the required standards. In most European countries there are ENAT members who specialise in providing access audits and advice to businesses about how to improve accessibility for disabled customers and other visitors. 

ENAT refers business enquiries such as this to specialists who are listed in the ENAT members' database.  Please provide some details about your business and what you require, and we will forward the information to those members who work in or near your area.  We should point out that ENAT cannot provide a guarantee for the qualifications or expertise of the specialists we may refer you to. However, ENAT is looking into the possibility of developing a more comprehensive 'Business Referral Service' for matching professional clients and ENAT Members, where customer references will be required. We expect to announce this new service in the first quarter of 2008. Meanwhile, we suggest that you ask for a list of references for similar work done by any advisor who you may consider hiring.

Business-to-Business enquiries can be sent to the ENAT Secretariat - see the Contact page for details.