Can we use the ENAT logo in our advertising or publicity?

[This answer was updated on 6 December 2009].

At present, if you are an ENAT Member, you can add the "Member of ENAT" logo to your website or printed publications to show that you are part of the Network.

After logging in to the site, go to the Logos and Banners page.

There are different files for Web publishing and for high resolution printing.

You may also use the ENAT Banners on your website. If you do, please add an image tag saying < ENAT logo > and a link to

Members who have signed the ENAT Code of Good Conduct may request the window sticker which goes with the 'ENAT Code of Good Practice' certificate. The sticker will be sent by post to the member's address, so please make sure your address, as given in your member profile, is correct! 

Please send us an email via our Contact Page if you have any questions about downloading or using the ENAT logos and banners.