Easy Access. International seminar for accessible tourism, Finland

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15 to 16 September, Hyvärilä, Nurmes, Finland. The theme of this two-day international seminar is the marketing of accessible tourism and its development. (Watch videos).

East Access Logo15 to 16 September, Hyvärilä, Nurmes, Finland.

The theme of the two-day international seminar is the marketing of accessible tourism and its development. In the seminar the problems of yielding and transmitting information from tourism businesses to consumers are discussed. The
use of classifications and standards as a solution to these challenges will also be discussed.

 The conference, "Mutkaton Matka", took place in Hyvärilä (Nurmes), Finland on Wednesday 15.9.

The Event will be archived for on-demand viewing for 6 months.

The presentations will be available for viewing from the morning of Friday the 17. of September.

The webcast feed is available in two languages - Finnish and English.
When viewing the feed in English, you will hear the Finnish sections interpreted in English.

You can select the English feed by clicking the language flag on the header.

You can also send the organizers feedback via the feedback form.

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  • Lilian Müller, the president of the European Network for Accessible Tourism
  • Ulla Kramer, secretary-general of the Danish organisation Foreningen, Tilgængelighed for Alle
  • Markku Sivonen, the leader of the Eläkeliitto North Karelian district
  • Erkki Tuovinen, senior planning officer of Metsähallitus
  • Danny Silva, project manager of the ELMA project

The results from the customer survey completed in summer 2010 in the Well-being Through Travelling project are also presented in the seminar.

Preliminary programme:

Wednesday 15.9. seminar:
ca. 9.00–11.30 opening address, lectures
ca. 11.30–12.30 lunch
ca. 12.30–14.30 business exhibition: exhibitioner’s addresses
ca. 14.30 coffee break
ca. 15–17 lectures, closing address

Interpretation services are available in the seminar.

Business exhibition:
- on display accessible tourism, aid and equipment businesses

Evening programme 15.9.:
The seminar day closes with an evening programme, including buffet-style evening snack, live music, leisure time in the atmospheric Riihikota and going to the lakeside sauna. There is a preliminary enrolment for the evening programme.

Thursday 16.9. excursion:
- We take a tour of North Karelian resorts which have invested in accessible tourism services. The bus leaves from Hyvärilä ca. 9.00 and returns to Hyvärilä ca. 16.00. The tour takes us to Nurmes region, to see the Lieksan Matkakaverit resort in Ruunaa, Lieksa and the gorgeous Neitikoski rapids and to the Erä-Eero wild animal observation hut in the Lieksa wilderness.

Park Superintendent Kyösti Tuhkalainen will accompany us in Ruunaa and show us the accessible solutions of Metsähallitus. Up to 50 people can participate in the tour and the places are filled according to preliminary enrolments. The tour includes lunch and a coffee break. The detailed programme will be published later.

Hyvärilä Holiday Centre offers a wide range of possibilities for accommodation.

Enquires about accommodation from Hyvärilä: www.hyvarila.com, Tel. +358207466780 or +358207466781.

Please enrol at the latest by 31th August 2010 either by e-mail:

riitta.ikonen@pkamk.fi or telephone: +358509177201/Riitta Ikonen

Between 29th June to 1st August Anne Leppänen and Jaana Ahlholm respond to enquiries:
Tel. +358503625112 or e-mail  anne.leppanen@edu.pkamk.fi

Please let us know of any special need (signer or other special assistance) and special diets.

Well-being Through Travelling – the project for developing accessible tourism.
North Karelia University of Polytechnics
Centre for Design and International Business/ISAK

Well-being Through Travelling – project’s netsite: www.pkamk.fi/esteetonmatkailu

Project Manager Kaisa Mantsinen Tel. +358505632181, kaisa.mantsinen@pkamk.fi

The organiser reserves the right to make changes in the programme.


26/8/2010     New version of Programme - download the PDF file.