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First Ever Access Tourism Conference in Auckland, New Zealand


Photo of Hohunu, New Zealand. Provided by Access Tourism NZPhoto: Hohunu, New Zealand.

4 October 2010, Auckland, New Zealand is the date and venue for the first ever conference in New Zealand on Access Tourism.

The conference will look at various aspects of Access Tourism, including some of the following: the current situation in NZ and worldwide, website access and information best practice, government strategy, policy, and obligations, best practice in transport , accommodation, and attractions access, training for access in the tourism and hospitality sector, legal aspects, and quality rating for Access Tourism products in New Zealand.

It will also include brainstorming sessions on strategies for advancing the development of Access Tourism in New Zealand and developing collaboration as a tool to advance that development.

These topics are based on those most popularly picked from a list of possible topics in an online survey.

The conference is being run by the New Zealand Tourism Research Institute at Auckland University of Technology, and will be a no frills sustainable event.

For more information, contact sandrarhodda at

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