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European Tourism Day and European Tourism Forum, 2009


EU lagThe European Commission announces that the European Tourism Day and the European Tourism Forum will be held, respectively, on 8 and 9 October in Brussels (Square Brussels Meeting Centre).

During the events, 400 people, including local and regional authorities, policy officers and project leaders will meet to discuss the actual situation of tourism and to reveal their recipes for the improvement of European Tourism. We hope that you will be among them!

Draft Programmes

8 October 2009: European Tourism Day

''The role of networking in development of European sustainable tourism''
Three discussion panels are foreseen in the field of the European Tourism Day:
Panel 1: Indicators - How to measure sustainability in the European tourist destinations?
Panel 2: The role of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and knowledge networks in developing sustainable tourism in the European Union
Panel 3: Thematic Networks: Baltic network, Cultural Itineraries, networks "Restaurants du territoire"

ENAT's Managing Director, Mr. Ivor Ambrose, has been invited to present the work of the CETA project, ' Competitiveness for a European Tourism for All', focussing on accessibility and sustainability issues for SME's, in the second panel.  

9 October 2009: European Tourism Forum

''EU Tourism and the Economic Downturn: New Opportunities for a Sustainable and Prosperous Future?''
Panel 1: Consumer Behaviour vis-à-vis Sustainability and the Economic Downturn
Panel 2: Employer-Employee Relations in Tourism
Panel 3: The Regulatory Framework in Tourism
Panel 4: A 2020 Perspective: Promoting Competitive and Sustainable European Tourism

Both the events will be held at Square Brussels Meeting Centre, 8 rue du Musée, B-1000 Brussels:

Members of ENAT are invited to fill in the on-line registration form, available at the following web page:

Download the detailed Provisional Programmes in PDF format from the right-hand column.

UPDATE: 16 November 2009

Speakers' presentations can be downloaded from the Commission website at the following address: