11th International Conference on Transportation Research 2023, Crete

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ENAT participated in the ICTR with a paper delivered by Alexandros Deloukas, "Transport Accessibility of Persons with Reduced Mobility: the Challenge of Autonomous Vehicles and AccessibleEU".

The paper presents the changing socio-demographics of persons with reduced mobility (PRMs) and persons with disabilities (PWDs). The European legal framework related to  PRMs and PWDs, together with the recent AccessibleEU initiative for implementation of EU policies and regulations on accessibility is briefly introduced. The legal framework focuses on public transport accessibility. Categories of PWDs and PRMs, which are relevant to the transport mobility behaviour, are defined. A description of automated vehicles (AVs) is presented. The current travel behavior of PRMs, their future use of AVs and issues of universal design and AV accessibility are examined. The emphasis, being policy-orientated, is on the appraisal of pros and cons of AVs’ use by PRMs. Finally, research gaps related to the future use of AVs by PRMs are revealed.

Full reference: Alexandros, A., Ambrose, I. and Papamichail, K. (2023). Transport Accessibility of Persons with Reduced Mobility: The Challenge of Autonomous Vehicles and AccessibleEU. 11th International Congress on Transportation Research, Heraklion, Crete. 20 - 22 September 2023.  

Keywords: Person with Reduced Mobility, Person with Disabilities, mobility barriers, accessibility, autonomous vehicle, transport infrastructure, community of practice, public awareness raising.

Download the full paper and slide presentation from the downloads section.