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Handiscover. Join our upcoming webinar - Accessibility: Cost or Revenue?


Image of Handiscover Webinar speakers 3 December 2020Thursday 3rd December, Webinar.

Join Handiscover and Altitude Meetings for an exclusive webinar, Accessibility: Cost or Revenue?, on December 3rd, UN's International International Day of Disabled Persons.

In this webinar we will discuss how to innovate through diversity, the business benefits of greater accessibility and how businesses can focus more on the person than the disability.

Our guest speakers are Magnus Berglund and Dixie, (Accessibility Expert at Handiscover), Anna Sandberg Falk from IKEA and Roko Kursar, chairman of the functional support committee for the city of Malmö, Sweden.

You will also get the opportunity to chat live with the successful paraathlete and author, Fatmir Seremeti.

Webinar date and time: Thursday, December 3rd. 12.00-13.00 CET.



  • Introduction from Anna Sandberg Falke (IKEA Museum) - The key to success and innovation through diversity and the benefit of different perspectives.
  • Panel discussion with: Anna Sandberg Falke, Magnus Berglund, Roko Kursar, Sebastien Archambeaud & Fatmir Seremeti

Moderator: Yasmin Arhan Modéer from Altitude Meetings.

During this discussion you will be able to ask questions to the panel through live chat.

  •     Skills to focus on the person, not the disability.
  • What is Handiscover and what the New Accessibility Program is all about
  • How can accessibility become a revenue generator instead of a cost?
  • How does the city of Malmo work with accessibility?
  • Altitude Meetings - Why accessibility is important and the connection to business
  • Roko Kursar - Social benefits and the larger perspective, long-term costs if we do not work actively with accessibility.
  • Handiscover - Accessibility Management Program: concrete tools and guidance on how you can start improving your accessibility today.

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