Presentation of Accessible, Interreligious and Intercultural Signage of the Tourism4All project

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Thursday 27 August 2020, Petacciato Marina (CB), Italy. Presentation of 3 tactile maps and other universally designed tourist signs to be installed in the Municipalities of Petacciato, Campomarino and Montenero di Bisaccia with tourist information in Italian, English, Arbereshe, Hebrew, Arabic and Braille.

Banner Presentation of tourism signage On Thursday 27 August, in the splendid setting of the dunes of Petacciato Marina (CB) Environmental Education Centre, 3 tactile maps and other tourist signs will be presented which in the following days will be installed in the Municipalities of Petacciato, Campomarino and Montenero di Bisaccia.

The signage is inspired by the principles of universal accessibility and has lettering, icons and profiles in relief, highly legible characters, sans serif fonts, color contrasts, intuitive icons, materials that are pleasant to the touch and resistant to atmospheric agents.

In the upper part it takes up the real profiles of the coasts but above all presents simple information in Italian, English, Arbereshe, Hebrew, Arabic and Braille. The Arbereshe language is also present because the Municipality of Campomarino is one of the 4 Molise Municipalities of Albanian origin. It is the first time in the national and international panorama that these characteristics are used and it is truly commendable that the Mayors of the 3 Municipalities, together with the Molise Region and the CEAM (Episcopal Conference of Abruzzo and Molise), have wanted signs that favour centrality in the design of people regardless of their physical, sensorial, personal, cultural, linguistic and religious characteristics. Everyone will therefore be able to use it autonomously and simply by exploring it tactually.

In addition to carrying out the function of facilitating the understanding of places and mobility, it symbolically orientates towards universal dialogue and acceptance according to the principles of our Constitutional Charter and the UN Convention on the rights of people with disabilities.

The conception and design of the signs were handled by ITRIA (Intercultural and accessible tourist-religious itineraries) in the persons of Dino Angelaccio and Nunzia Lattanzio who involved an innovative and interesting Molise company from Termoli, the Tecnografica3d by Alessandro Lacerenza, in the realization.

This activity is part of the European project Tourism4All which sees the Molise Region as the leader in the promotion of a network of accessible tourist destinations that encourages seasonal adjustment and promotes social inclusion involving as many as 14 partners, 7 Italians (Molise Region, Veneto, Puglia, Irecoop Veneto, Delta 2000, Coop Sociale ODOS) and 7 Croatians (Croatian camping association, city of Buje and city of Zadar, Gal Brac, Aspira University, Sibenik Tourism Agency and RERA - Dalmatian Development Institute).

It should be emphasized that the Molise Region, together with the Municipality of Castel del Giudice and the Pastoral Care of Tourism, Sport and Leisure Abruzzo-Molise, excellently led by Mario Ialenti, has also started the InterculturalMolise project, experimenting for the first time universal accessibility together with the multiculturalism and interreligious dialogue in the creation of a tourist-cultural product capable of recounting the interaction between Christian, Islamic and Jewish culture and religion through the traces and memory of the immense material and immaterial cultural heritage present in practically all territorial realities.

The 3 Mayors of the Municipalities of Petacciato, Campomarino and Montenero di Bisaccia, the Molise Regional Tourism Councilor Vincenzo Cotugno, ITRIA, Tecnografica3d, S.E. will participate in the presentation event on 27 August. Other speakers include: Mons, De Luca, Bishop of the Diocese of Termoli - Larino, Rabbi Emeritus Umberto Piperno, a representative of the Islamic community and one of the Arbereshe community, Pasquale Di Lena expert in food and wine and Anna Gioria, journalist and blogger expert in accessibility and disability.

Download the Programme in PDF format from the right-hand panel. (English version). 

The language of the event will be Italian.

Further information: Dino Angelaccio, Email: