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Inclusion and Diversity: International Conference on Accessible Development, China


Photo of Tsinghua UniversityBeijing, China 15 October 2018. Tsinghua University hosts the 3rd Annual Conference of the Institute for Accessibility Development, featuring technology and design, environment, urban development, ICTs, health and tourism.

At the conference, with the theme of equality, diversity and inclusion, the experts and scholars from related areas will attend the conference and exchange information on the latest trends of accessible development throughout the world in a multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary manner.

In order to coordinate the conference, we hereby solicit contributions for the conference throughout the country and hope all academic counterparts will contribute without sparing.

All contributions, which have been accepted through expert review, will be collected and officially published by the end of 2018.

Main topics (including but not limited to):

  1. Latest development trends of equality, diversity and inclusion-oriented technology and design
  2. Reflection and empirical study on the construction of accessible environment in China
  3. Study on the construction of inclusive settlements from the perspective of rural revitalization in China
  4. Application of information technology and big data in the area of accessible development
  5. Key technology and practice for accessibility, general design and inclusive design
  6. Opportunity for accessible development in the context of Healthy China
  7. Urban governance, public service and inclusive social development
  8. Gains and losses of accessible tourism development in Europe and US and their reference for China.

Contact details and further information are given in the PDF document - download from the right-hand panel. 


Logo of Institute for Accessibility Development Tsinghua University The Institute for Accessibility Development, Tsinghua University was established in 2016 by the university and the China Disabled Persons’ Federation.