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Aiming for Inclusive Growth. ENAT NTOs' Learning Event, Edinburgh, Scotland


Edinburgh evening view  View of Edinburgh. Photo: ENAT

Edinburgh, UK. 20 to 21 September 2016.

Latest: Registration deadline is extended to 14th September.

ENAT is organising a Learning Event where National and Regional Tourist organisations can come together for 2 days to share their experiences and learn from each other about developing and marketing accessible tourism.

The event is co-organised with teams from VisitScotland and VisitFlanders and will involve other leading NTOs from around Europe. 

There will be short speeches from business leaders and NTOs and in-depth workshop sessions on specific topics, e.g. policy and strategy development, business cases, marketing, customer engagement, accessibility information, social media tools, etc.

At the ENAT NTOs' Learning Event

  • The focus will be on “Aiming for Inclusive Growth”
  • We will show how accessible tourism can contribute to your destination’s growth, in terms of turnover, income, reputation and sustainable community development
  • We will explore with you the barriers to working in this area and how to overcome them, using case studies and examples
  • We will show which kinds of incentives work, when you want to get business on board
  • We will not re-invent the wheel: NTOs can take the advice of those who are already in the process
  • We will set some achievable goals and benchmarks, which we will report on to measure our progress. These will be designed by the NTO’s for the NTO’s - they won’t be imposed by others…!
  • We will give you useful documentation and references to take away with you.

Open to ENAT Members

The ENAT NTOs’ Learning Event is open to all national and regional NTOs in Europe. NTOs and RTOs must become ENAT Members, if they are not already, so they can take part in the NTO Learning Group Forum and use the ENAT NTO Resource Database.

NTOs and RTOs from outside Europe may join ENAT and take part, subject to available space. We anticipate a maximum of 45 participants.

The Registration Fee for this event is 100 EURO.

Please make sure your ENAT Membership subscription is up-to-date.

Participants must cover their own hotel and travel expenses.

Programme starts at 09:30 on Tuesday 20th September
Programme ends at 13.30 on Wednesday 21st September
Optional dinner at the APEX Grassmarket Hotel at 19.30 hours on Tuesday 20th September.


Download the following documents from the right-hand panel:

  • Programme (updated version, 14.9.2016)
  • Registration Form
  • Participants' Information: Hotels, Dinner menu, Airport information, Local Transport, How to join ENAT.
  • ENAT open letter to NTOs: Background Document, February 2016. 

Apply to join the ENAT NTO Learning Group
ENAT Members operating as National, Regional or City Tourism Organisations may apply to join the ENAT NTO Learning Group. 
Apply at this webpage:

Organised in association with ENAT Members:

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Celebrating World Tourism Day, 27th September 2016

World Tourism Day

View this Event on the UNWTO World Tourism Day Events Map:

General Information

Submitted by: Ivor Ambrose
Location: Apex Grassmarket Hotel, Grassmarket 31 - 35, Edinburgh, Scotland
Start Date: 20/09/2016
End Date: 21/09/2016


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